Cefrank Gas Cylinder Equipment

CEFRANK specialises in developing and manufacturing medical, industrial and high purity gas cylinder equipment. Our products are world standard in safety, quality and reliability which we proudly stand by with our 10 year guarantee.

As we continue to research and develop our product range, our practical designs and stringent testing systems ensure the highest level of safety and quality. We choose the highest quality materials and components and utilise the latest technology to provide a world class, competitively priced product. Our manifolded gas cylinder bundles and pallets are the cornerstones of our specialist range of gas equipment.

What makes CEFRANK unique is the bolted, modular design of our cylinder bundles and pallets. Our standard range comprises 6, 12 and 16 cylinder bundles and pallets. We also customise cylinder bundles and pallets to client specifications. Our streamlined designs maximise container space and minimise the cost of transport. We also offer bespoke design and manufacture of a wide range of gas cylinder related equipment including specialty bulk bundles, offshore bundles and pallets and filling stations.

Our revolutionary design reduces repair and maintenance costs by up to 80% and saves customers up to 75% on shipping and handling costs reducing carbon footprints. Another exclusive feature of CEFRANK cylinder bundles and pallets is our manifold design. The interchangeable manifold is proven to reduce leaks, minimise maintenance and repair costs. Our range has less impact on the environment and our gas cylinder bundles and pallets are made from 95% recyclable materials.

We have designed a product range that keeps working for the customer long after the sale has been made and combined with our excellent after-sales support – CEFRANK is the first choice for gas cylinder bundles, pallets and gas cylinder equipment.