World Peace Gong Update


The date draws closer for the installation of the World Peace Gong in the Croatian city of Vukovar. Symbolising peace, love and the future, the WPG has been installed in only 18 locations across the world in memory of the innocent victims of war. The original WPG was cast in Jepara, Indonesia as a monument to peace, tolerance and cooperation among nations before being taken around the world. Vukovar suffered greatly during the war of independence, it is estimated that 2,000 defenders of Vukovar and civilians were killed, 800 went missing and 22,000 civilians were forced into exile. According to some, “the damage to Vukovar during the siege has been called the worst in Europe since World War II, drawing comparisons with the World War II–era Stalingrad.”


What better place then to install a symbol of peace and harmony amongst religious and cultural differences? Croatian sculptor and painter Ante Sardelic (pictured in the middle of the above photo) is making swift progress with the sculpture that will feature at the site and CEFRANK founder Frank Cetinich (pictured left of the photo) is anticipating that the gong will resonate with both locals and the global community at large. Mr Cetinich is a major sponsor of the World Peace Gong, and is looking forward to announcing the date that the gong will be officially displayed. It is believed that the gong will be unveiled in November 2015.


Mr Cetinich is pictured below with the monument in London dedicated to the memory of the 202 lives lost in the Bali Bombing of October 2002.gong4