CEFRANK manifolded cylinder bundles have been in the field for over 30 years. Choosing our unique modular frame design greatly reduces handling, increases mobility and cuts transportation costs.

Designed to Reduce Maintenance Costs

CEFRANK manifolded cylinder bundles are designed to reduce your maintenance and repair costs by up to 80% over the life of the unit. Our modular, bolted design allows flexibility to tailor the size of the bundle to suit your cylinder requirements.

Bolted parts allow quick and easy isolation and replacement of damaged parts.

No welding, no specialist tools or trained operators required for  assembly, repairs and maintenance.

The Manifold

Our standard, stainless steel manifold is interchangeable and can be used for the widest range of applications including oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, argon and special mixed gases. All CEFRANK manifolds can be purchased separately or with our bolted frame.

The Frame

The bolted, galvanised steel frame is strong enough to protect the asset and yet much lighter than industry counterparts, weighing up to 50% less than some of competitor’s bundles. We take pride in this fact, because while the reduction in material has an obvious cost-saving benefit, it also has environmental advantages.
Our design requires less raw material and less energy to produce, repair and maintain which has a direct impact on the handling costs associated with transporting bundles.

Some important facts:
      • CEFRANK manifolds are designed for a working pressure of up to 30MPa.
      • Our exclusive manifold design is interchangeable with all gases.
      • 100% of all CEFRANK manifolds are tested to twice the working pressure.
      • Our standard gas cylinder bundles suit cylinders with 219-232cm diameter but we can design bundles to suit any customer requirements.
      • Our gas cylinder bundle frames are all modular, hot dipped galvanised inside and out to 70microns.
      • All manifolds are cleaned to oxygen standard.
      • All CEFRANK products come with a 10-year guarantee on CEFRANK parts and labour.
      • CEFRANK design eliminates cylinder and manifold abuse saving you down time, replacement, repair costs and preserves the life of your cylinders.

Read the CEFRANK Standard for technical details.

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