CEFRANK Changzhou

According to Jiangsu.net42 international industrial giants of the world top 500 corporations listed on the Fortune 500 have set their offices in Changzhou.” CEFRANK’s major manufacturing facility lies in the city of Changzhou, an affluent area on the Yangtze Delta region, just west of Shanghai.  Technical Director Mr Wangzhenglin is responsible for the manufacture, assembly, testing and sales of our compressed gas cylinder equipment that occurs at our Chinese site. Much like the rest of the country, Changzhou has developed very quickly in the last 20 years and is a very different city to the one we first experienced when we opened up our first site.

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Changzhou is one of thirteen prefectures in the Jiangsu province and is located in amongst the hub cities of Wuxi, Ningbo, Nanjing and Hangzhou surrounding Shanghai. Traditionally a city known as a national and provincial industrial centre, Changzhou is famed for its Four Pillar Industries, mechanical, electrical manufacture, automobile manufactures and textiles, later adding high-tech, electronic, biomedical and chemical industries.

The inhabitants of Changzhou are noted for their honesty and faithfulness and this has certainly been our experience since the beginning. Director Mr Wangzhenglin and many of our Changzhou staff have provided CEFRANK with loyal service and honest stewardship since we opened in 1995. Once purely a gas cylinder bundle and pallet manufacturing facility for CEFRANK’s western business operations, CEFRANK Changzhou has become a strong local competitor in its own right, providing gas cylinder bundles, manifolds and pallets to many major gas companies throughout the nation and beyond.