CEFRANK Pallets Out in the Field

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Our customers come from all corners of the world. We’ve done business with people from all parts of Europe, various countries in Asia and of course we’ve got some long-standing clients in Australia where it all began. From where ever it is in the world, we’re always so pleased to see photos of our bundles and pallets out in the field. Some time ago we sold some cylinder pallets to a mining company for use out in the remote wilds of Papua New Guinea.

CEFRANK pallets

From these photos you can get an idea of the conditions that our equipment must endure and how there is undoubtedly some rough treatment for the cylinders on board. Our pallets are designed to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions and handling. The hot-dipped galvanised frames provide a thick coverage for all weather and conditions. The grid-mesh flooring allows for drainage in wet weather and snow. The ratchet strapping allows you to secure a load of cylinders that isn’t full to capacity. Features like the loading ramp help the end-user to load and unload the cylinders and the safety arm to secure them with extra assurance.

CEFRANK pallet