Hot Dip Galvanizing

At CEFRANK, we use hot-dip galvanizing to protect the steel of the frames used in all of our products, from manifolded cylinder packs, cylinder pallets and filling system frames. We choose this method because it provides long life, durability and predictable performance. All of our modular pieces are hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to a thickness of 70 microns. This means that our frames will not rust or age from environmental exposure over many, many years of field service.

Why CEFRANK Chooses Hot-Dip Galvanizing

  • The finish is consistent and durable. It won’t age and chip like paint will, and will ensure the steel frame remains presentable during the life of the product.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing bonds metallurgically to the steel. No other coating process has this feature, and as a result has the greatest resistance to mechanical damage during handling, storage, transport and construction – an important factor where steelwork is to be shipped around the world.
  • All surfaces of the steel are coated – inside, outside, awkward corners, and narrow gaps which would be impossible to protect in any other way.
  • Galvanizing is a once only process, committed to the concept of the maintenance-free use of steel, ensuring long service life and virtually eliminating disruptive maintenance.
  • Galvanizing is more economical to the manufacturing process in both cost of materials and application and this means we can keep our costs low and maintain competitive prices.
  • Galvanizing is one of the few coatings which is completely defined by a British Standard (BS EN ISO 1461). 


    Why Galvanizing is better for the environment

    Galvanizing is a zinc coating process which uses no volatile organic compounds. It has been in use for 170 years, basically unchanged. Well documented case studies show that galvanizing vastly extends the useful life of steel goods and structures and reduces the cost of their maintenance. Zinc is endlessly recyclable without any loss of its physical or chemical properties. About 30% of the world’s zinc supply comes from recycled zinc, and about 80% of the zinc available for recycling is indeed recycled. Due to the durability and long life span of most zinc products, which in some cases last maintenance-free for over 100 years, much of the zinc produced in the past is still in use, constituting a valuable and  sustainable resource for future generations. Global reserves of zinc ore, far from depleting, have in fact increased over the past 25 years.

    Published by Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW;

    This is just one of the ways that CEFRANK manifolded cylinder packs and cylinder pallets keep providing for the customer long after the sale is made. We ensure our products last longer and require less maintenance. The extended life-cycle of CEFRANK products is good for the customer and good for the environment.


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