Filling System

CEFRANK has created specialist products and turn-key solutions for various clients over the years. Here are some of the projects we’ve been involved in.
Filling Systems

Using our unique Gravimetric Scale System, you can mix gases with a high level of accuracy and with our 2-spring design you can comfortably fill from 1 to 32 cylinders simultaneously with Argon, Nitrogen, Industrial Oxygen and Mixed Gases. CEFRANK Filling systems, when used in conjunction with CEFRANK Pallets (using 2 standard manifolds), will significantly increase your gas filling rate.

CEFRANK Filling Systems are compatible with customer valves & fittings to ensure there are no modification costs when you have a CEFRANK Filling System installed.

  •             Steel construction painted to colour of your choice.
  •             Designed and tested at 60MPa, allowing filling pressure of up to 30MPa.
  •             Customised control panel.
  •             Filling instructions provided.
  •             All valves and gauges are of DIN Standard.
  •             All parts fully degreased and cleaned internally to Oxygen Standard.
  •             Gas pipes and manifolds are of stainless steel construction.

To read more about our filling systems, read our product brochure.