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Supporting Croatian Tenor Stijepo Gled Markos

In a recent performance, set in the old city of Croatia’s coastal town of Dubrovnik, tenor Stijepo Gled Markos sang with the famed Brodsky Quartet for the Sentimento Festival 2015. In the concert called Trees, Walls, Cities, Markos was accompanied by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and mezzo soprano Clare McCaldin, singing a cycle of eight songs that include eight cities surrounded by walls and trees; the music connecting the towns of Dubrovnik, Derry, London, Berlin, Vienna Utrecht, Nicosia and Jerusalem. The world’s leading broadcasters such as the BBC, the Telegraph and the Guardian followed this project in which music crosses barriers in the walls, creating an atmosphere of togetherness.

Great music was not the only result of the Sentimento Festival this year, as it was magnified by the cooperation of Professor Nigel Osborne player, a world-renowned humanitarian, composer, musician, and the world’s leading music educator who will hold an educational program for children with developmental disabilities.


Director and CEO of CEFRANK, Frank Cetinich supported this festival and was in attendance for the September event. “I enjoyed the ambience of the old city” Frank said, and he was also impressed by “the quality of the mezzo soprano Clare McCaldin.” The highlight of the event for Frank was the performance of Vilo Moja, a traditional folk song which was treated to a modern interpretation. Frank has been a supporter of the Markos ever since being introduced to the tenor. “I believe in his talent. He has a wonderful voice, a magnetic personality and a very strong stage presence” said Frank.

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Soloist Ryland Davies, says that “Markos has a very rare type of voice, dark and warm” and composer Alfi Kabiljo has said that “Markos has an exceptional stage charisma”.

To find out more about Markos, visit his website, www.markos.com or listen to his showreel on Youtube.