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CEFRANK Pallets Out in the Field

Our customers come from all corners of the world. We’ve done business with people from all parts of Europe, various countries in Asia and of course we’ve got some long-standing clients in Australia where it all began. From where ever it is in the world, we’re always so pleased to see photos of our bundles and pallets out in the field. Some time ago we sold some cylinder pallets to a mining company for use out in the remote wilds of Papua New Guinea.

CEFRANK pallets

From these photos you can get an idea of the conditions that our equipment must endure and how there is undoubtedly some rough treatment for the cylinders on board. Our pallets are designed to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions and handling. The hot-dipped galvanised frames provide a thick coverage for all weather and conditions. The grid-mesh flooring allows for drainage in wet weather and snow. The ratchet strapping allows you to secure a load of cylinders that isn’t full to capacity. Features like the loading ramp help the end-user to load and unload the cylinders and the safety arm to secure them with extra assurance.

CEFRANK pallet


CEFRANK supports new album for Croatian icon

Frank Cetinich, founder of CEFRANK UK continues to support the arts and cultural achievement. Frank has been responsible for financing the release of a new album for Croatian music icon Meri Cetinic and her daughter Ivana Buric. The duo have written and recorded a series of songs for the new album called Dozvoli Mi. With some tracks recording individually and some together, the new album was recorded at Mamisonic in Split and is a collection of jazz-style pop songs. Meri Cetinic has not recorded new material since 2009, and Dozvoli Mi will be her 20th release.

The new album can be purchased online at Pure Connect , Amazon and iTunes. The mother and daughter duo are currently touring, performing tracks from the new album and some classics. Visit the website www.mericetinic.com to see the latest tour dates.

Watch the official video clip for the track Još se zvijezde sjaje (Even the Stars Shine).


Innovative Solutions

In the past we’ve talked about being flexible and prepared to blend our design with customer requirement. But today, lets talk about how our gas cylinder equipment can be applied to a variety of applications. In the past and still very much today, gas cylinder bundles are the realm of the gas company. To get access to gas, whether it’s medical, industrial or commercial in scale and type, you must buy it from the supplier and this includes the rental of the gas equipment. Because of course, without the bundle, you can’t get the gas. However, with the changing market place, the effects of the global financial crisis and growing competition to the major gas companies, businesses across all industries are looking for ways to save money.lihir-island1

For some businesses it might pay to consider purchasing gas equipment direct from suppliers like CEFRANK and then simply finding a gas supplier to fill your cylinders. Without having to cover the cost of equipment rental and maintenance which makes up the majority of the cost of gas, businesses can make significant savings. For so long things have been done the same way, and we’re big supporters of shaking up convention and looking at new ways to do business.

Another way for clients to make the best use of our gas cylinder equipment, in particular our bundles, is to arrange to have them shipped and assembled at the cylinder manufacturer’s site. As anyone who has ever dealt with cylinder knows, they can get damaged rather seriously on the journey from the manufacturer to site. Despite being wrapped and packed a percentage almost always ends up having to be repaired or replaced. Then you’ve got the enormous amounts of packaging that must be removed and disposed of after the cylinders have been installed to the bundles or packs. We can save businesses money and improve their green credentials  by working in cooperation with cylinder companies to install the cylinders to our gas cylinder packs before they’re wrapped and packed and sent to the customer. By installing the cylinders in our equipment, you’ll save on handling costs and drastically reduce the damage that occurs in transit. Imagine being able to skip the labourious process of taking delivery of the cylinders, having them taken out of packaging and moved to another location and then arranging for them to be installed into a bundle. We have discussed this concept with various major cylinder manufacturers and they have welcomed the idea and indeed encouraged us to share it with our customers.

Our cylinder pallets are another product that shouldn’t be relegated for exclusive use in the gas industry. We have sold our cylinder pallets to large mining firms who want their own inventory of equipment for use at various remote sites. Quite often remote industry needs to have a number of systems for back up should something fail. Having access to oxygen is one of those safety systems essential to remote industrial activity like mining. Our equipment is a cost effective solution to those companies looking to purchase their own gas equipment. With our modular, bolted products we are able to ship globally at a competitive and cost effective rate and the fact that our products can be assembled by your own team, without the need for welding, is also a great incentive for remote areas of industry and those looking to save money.

More recently our filling systems and bundles have been of interest to various start up companies looking to offer alternative, green fuels. Just because our gas cylinder equipment has been used in the past for common gases like oxygen, argon and acetylene, for common applications like factories and industry –  doesn’t meant that our products can’t be used for highly specialised gases, extremely valuable and rare gases, and of course for the increasingly popular natural gas. Because we specialise in what we do, we can offer experience and know-how that can’t be found in many other places. We welcome inquiries from all over the world in all industries that seek to find alternative, practical and cost effective solutions. Get in touch by visiting www.cefrank.com or email us at cetech(at)cefrank.com

Welcome to the CEFRANK Blog

Welcome readers to the CEFRANK blog. CEFRANK is an independent company selling our own design of compressed gas equipment for oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen and various other special and medical gases. This blog will not only touch on industry news and issues, but we’ll also let you in on the personal life and pursuits of the Director Frank Cetinich. Mr Cetinich is involved in various projects all over the world from being President of the British Croatian Business Club to supporting the fine arts by sponsoring artists and musicians.

With this blog, we hope to shed some light on this complex and misunderstood niche sector of the industrial gas market by examining the many aspects that go into the design and development of the products that we all depend on. We will provide news about the industry, with a focus on the equipment side of things, technological advances of recent years and immediate future and also take a look at the products available. We might even take a step back in time and look into the history of the market and the politics that surround the development of the sector.

CEFRANK Changzhou

According to Jiangsu.net42 international industrial giants of the world top 500 corporations listed on the Fortune 500 have set their offices in Changzhou.” CEFRANK’s major manufacturing facility lies in the city of Changzhou, an affluent area on the Yangtze Delta region, just west of Shanghai.  Technical Director Mr Wangzhenglin is responsible for the manufacture, assembly, testing and sales of our compressed gas cylinder equipment that occurs at our Chinese site. Much like the rest of the country, Changzhou has developed very quickly in the last 20 years and is a very different city to the one we first experienced when we opened up our first site.

Frank Cetinich 2

Changzhou is one of thirteen prefectures in the Jiangsu province and is located in amongst the hub cities of Wuxi, Ningbo, Nanjing and Hangzhou surrounding Shanghai. Traditionally a city known as a national and provincial industrial centre, Changzhou is famed for its Four Pillar Industries, mechanical, electrical manufacture, automobile manufactures and textiles, later adding high-tech, electronic, biomedical and chemical industries.

The inhabitants of Changzhou are noted for their honesty and faithfulness and this has certainly been our experience since the beginning. Director Mr Wangzhenglin and many of our Changzhou staff have provided CEFRANK with loyal service and honest stewardship since we opened in 1995. Once purely a gas cylinder bundle and pallet manufacturing facility for CEFRANK’s western business operations, CEFRANK Changzhou has become a strong local competitor in its own right, providing gas cylinder bundles, manifolds and pallets to many major gas companies throughout the nation and beyond.