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CEFRANK Cylinder Bundles; why our bundles are better

Our manifolded cylinder bundles, or ‘packs’ as we generally call them, are the cornerstone product of CEFRANK UK. Founder and Director Frank Cetinich developed his unique product over a number of years and with a wealth of experience in the industry. What started as a career in trouble-shooting for various major gas companies in and around Australia, Mr Cetinich could see a place in the market for a new kind of cylinder bundle. He was tired of seeing equipment that was over-engineered, over-weight and difficult to maintain. After much consideration, research and development Mr Cetinich came up with the prototype for the CEFRANK manifolded cylinder pack. Not only did our design break the convention of existing market models but the concept of going out-of-house for  cylinder equipment was also a challenge to the status quo.

What started as a quest to offer an gas cylinder equipment alternative to the gas companies became a mission to develop the ultimate, universal pack that could be bought and used in every country, conform to the strictest safety standards across all industries and above all be easy to use and cheap to maintain. We achieved this goal and believe ours to the best cylinder pack on the market today.

Why a CEFRANK pack is different


The CEFRANK pack is different because it is light weight, designed on principles of simplicity and efficiency, and yet strong enough and secure enough to handle over 10 years of active use in the field. We guarantee our product for 10 years.


The CEFRANK pack is different because it is based on a modular design which is assembled using lock-nuts instead of requiring welds. This is where our product really comes into its own. The modular, bolted nature of the CEFRANK cylinder pack means that it can be shipped efficiently and cost effectively to anywhere in the world. Transporting our disassembled packs is extremely cost effective because they are flat-packed.

The CEFRANK pack is different because it has a life-long cost-effective maintenance built in to the design. The modular, bolted frame means that when a pack is damaged in the field or needs repair, you simply isolate and remove the damaged piece and replace it with a new piece from your inventory (or from ours). Because the parts are bolted together you don’t need to worry about having welders, or losing the integrity of the weld or galvanising in the process. It also means you can save time and cost on repairs. In fact, our pack will save you up to 80% of the cost of maintenance during the lifetime of the product which could exceed the industry standard by many, many years.

MCP-12  MT-Type