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Welcome to the CEFRANK Blog

Welcome readers to the CEFRANK blog. CEFRANK is an independent company selling our own design of compressed gas equipment for oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen and various other special and medical gases. This blog will not only touch on industry news and issues, but we’ll also let you in on the personal life and pursuits of the Director Frank Cetinich. Mr Cetinich is involved in various projects all over the world from being President of the British Croatian Business Club to supporting the fine arts by sponsoring artists and musicians.

With this blog, we hope to shed some light on this complex and misunderstood niche sector of the industrial gas market by examining the many aspects that go into the design and development of the products that we all depend on. We will provide news about the industry, with a focus on the equipment side of things, technological advances of recent years and immediate future and also take a look at the products available. We might even take a step back in time and look into the history of the market and the politics that surround the development of the sector.