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The Gas Cylinder Bundle: the complete package

With a product like gas cylinder bundles, it’s not easy to know where to begin and end in terms of what constitutes a complete package. We often have customers wondering what is and isn’t included when they buy our equipment. The answer is, the CEFRANK bundle comes with a frame and the manifold. The cylinder bundle does not come with cylinders or the 2 outlet valves required to complete the unit for a number of reasons.


The reason we don’t supply cylinders in our packs is because the paperwork required to purchase them is best managed by the customer. Compressed gas cylinders require documentation for ownership and tracking and so if CEFRANK purchases this item on behalf of customers, the ownership is then wrongly attributed to us, and not the customer. However, we are always pleased to work with the client to overcome these sorts of obstacles, and make sure that the installation of cylinders to our product is smooth and successful.

We encourage the innovative application of assembly at cylinder manufacturing sites. This would mean a significant reduction in the handling of cylinders as the manufacturer would not have to wrap and package the cylinders for transport and they would experience less damage in transit. We also are happy to send our disassembled frame and manifold anywhere you want it sent – so this could mean at your site or any nominated destination. Due to our flat-pack design, we can send our frame and manifold anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost of other pre-assembled units.


The reason we don’t supply the inlet and outlet valves with our cylinder bundle is because they are a highly specialised and personalised component. Each customer prefers a certain make, model and brand of valves and this critical piece is best purchased by the customer at the same time you purchase the pack.

What we do provide

The CEFRANK manifolded cylinder pack comes with a hot-dipped galvanised steel frame and strapping that is bolted together. All the required lock nuts and bolts to assemble the unit come with the frame. A manifold is also supplied which is made up of either separate pigtails or one complete manifold. This comes with all the required parts to attach the manifold to the cylinders including CEFRANK brass cylinder blocks, bullnoses and seals. We also provide valve mounting blocks to install the customer-supplied inlet/outlet valves.