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Reducing the carbon footprint of gas equipment

CEFRANK has been developing and refining the design of our manifolded cylinder pack for many years and we never truly stop. When ever a new idea presents itself or an opportunity for innovation arrives, we always explore the possibilities. It was in the spirit of exploration and innovation that CEFRANK was created in the first place. Founder/director Mr Frank Cetinich saw a gap in the market for gas cylinder equipment that was universal, a manifolded cylinder bundle that took the best features of existing market models and rolled them into one product. Mr Cetinich envisaged the the democratisation and standardisation of gas cylinder equipment. Of course he still fights for this. Each gas company has its own methods, standards and models and consequently the market is flooded with myriad varieties requiring a lengthy and thorough industrial standard and a cottage industry of paraphernalia to maintain and use them.PACK

Our design developments have usually been spurred on by the need to remain competitive in the market. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention. By thinking outside the square and taking advantage of the peerless wealth of experience and knowledge that Mr Cetinich has, CEFRANK has been able to create a product unmatched in not only its usability but in its eco-friendly status. Made up of over 95% recyclable materials like steel, zinc and brass, our manifolded cylinder bundles/packs and cylinder pallets have the lowest carbon footprint of any rival products. We know this because our cylinder bundles are light-weight, fully galvanised and bolted which means they can be shipped flat-packed saving on packaging and, handling and fuel and they can also be put together without the need for welding and the associated emissions. We have even developed a special slim-fit cylinder bundle that can fit up to 17 x 12 cylinder bundles into a standard 20 foot container.

Design, material and manufacturing changes to components and configurations of our manifold have led us to develop manifolds that are easy to access and safe and yet benefit from an efficient use of materials through engineering know-how. Whether it’s the material of the specific component, the size and shape of the thread, the tape or the configuration of the tubing, CEFRANK manifolds and cylinder bundles have been put together to make the most Spartan use of resources. Our technologies appear invisible to the untrained eye, but to experts in the field, our product is second to none in all aspects ranging from the details of the parts to the assembly of the product. Every single element of our cylinder bundle has been honed and refined to be simple in function and form, reliable and robust in application and kind to the environment.


CEFRANK supports new album for Croatian icon

Frank Cetinich, founder of CEFRANK UK continues to support the arts and cultural achievement. Frank has been responsible for financing the release of a new album for Croatian music icon Meri Cetinic and her daughter Ivana Buric. The duo have written and recorded a series of songs for the new album called Dozvoli Mi. With some tracks recording individually and some together, the new album was recorded at Mamisonic in Split and is a collection of jazz-style pop songs. Meri Cetinic has not recorded new material since 2009, and Dozvoli Mi will be her 20th release.

The new album can be purchased online at Pure Connect , Amazon and iTunes. The mother and daughter duo are currently touring, performing tracks from the new album and some classics. Visit the website www.mericetinic.com to see the latest tour dates.

Watch the official video clip for the track Još se zvijezde sjaje (Even the Stars Shine).


Innovative Solutions

In the past we’ve talked about being flexible and prepared to blend our design with customer requirement. But today, lets talk about how our gas cylinder equipment can be applied to a variety of applications. In the past and still very much today, gas cylinder bundles are the realm of the gas company. To get access to gas, whether it’s medical, industrial or commercial in scale and type, you must buy it from the supplier and this includes the rental of the gas equipment. Because of course, without the bundle, you can’t get the gas. However, with the changing market place, the effects of the global financial crisis and growing competition to the major gas companies, businesses across all industries are looking for ways to save money.lihir-island1

For some businesses it might pay to consider purchasing gas equipment direct from suppliers like CEFRANK and then simply finding a gas supplier to fill your cylinders. Without having to cover the cost of equipment rental and maintenance which makes up the majority of the cost of gas, businesses can make significant savings. For so long things have been done the same way, and we’re big supporters of shaking up convention and looking at new ways to do business.

Another way for clients to make the best use of our gas cylinder equipment, in particular our bundles, is to arrange to have them shipped and assembled at the cylinder manufacturer’s site. As anyone who has ever dealt with cylinder knows, they can get damaged rather seriously on the journey from the manufacturer to site. Despite being wrapped and packed a percentage almost always ends up having to be repaired or replaced. Then you’ve got the enormous amounts of packaging that must be removed and disposed of after the cylinders have been installed to the bundles or packs. We can save businesses money and improve their green credentials  by working in cooperation with cylinder companies to install the cylinders to our gas cylinder packs before they’re wrapped and packed and sent to the customer. By installing the cylinders in our equipment, you’ll save on handling costs and drastically reduce the damage that occurs in transit. Imagine being able to skip the labourious process of taking delivery of the cylinders, having them taken out of packaging and moved to another location and then arranging for them to be installed into a bundle. We have discussed this concept with various major cylinder manufacturers and they have welcomed the idea and indeed encouraged us to share it with our customers.

Our cylinder pallets are another product that shouldn’t be relegated for exclusive use in the gas industry. We have sold our cylinder pallets to large mining firms who want their own inventory of equipment for use at various remote sites. Quite often remote industry needs to have a number of systems for back up should something fail. Having access to oxygen is one of those safety systems essential to remote industrial activity like mining. Our equipment is a cost effective solution to those companies looking to purchase their own gas equipment. With our modular, bolted products we are able to ship globally at a competitive and cost effective rate and the fact that our products can be assembled by your own team, without the need for welding, is also a great incentive for remote areas of industry and those looking to save money.

More recently our filling systems and bundles have been of interest to various start up companies looking to offer alternative, green fuels. Just because our gas cylinder equipment has been used in the past for common gases like oxygen, argon and acetylene, for common applications like factories and industry –  doesn’t meant that our products can’t be used for highly specialised gases, extremely valuable and rare gases, and of course for the increasingly popular natural gas. Because we specialise in what we do, we can offer experience and know-how that can’t be found in many other places. We welcome inquiries from all over the world in all industries that seek to find alternative, practical and cost effective solutions. Get in touch by visiting www.cefrank.com or email us at cetech(at)cefrank.com

The CEFRANK Cylinder Pallet

The great thing about a blog is that it gives you the chance to talk about things in a less formal manner. We often find that many customers and enquiries are hesitant to get talking or ask questions about our products because it is a very niche part of the larger compressed gas industry and the products themselves, in particular the manifolded cylinder bundles, or ‘packs’ as we call them, are a bit of a mystery to many. Not everyone working in the field knows much about or even understands what the manifolded packs actually do. The pallets on the other hand are a much simpler product, and a good place to start our informal discussion about our products.

Ever since we developed our CEFRANK pallet, we’ve had inquiries and orders from all over the world and some unexpected markets. Steel pallets are a fairly standard item in many industries, but there’s a reason people keep coming back to our product.  The reason is that CEFRANK pallets are specially designed for most cost effective maintenance, shipping and handling. Over the years we’d had jobs where we would  receive hundreds of pallets for repair and maintenance, and it was then that our founder, Frank Cetinich saw the potential for a product that could be repaired onsite and as needed. No welding required, no painting or touch-ups and most importantly very little down time.

Our steel, galvanised pallets are modular and bolted. This means that they come to you disassembled and flat-packed, straight from our factory with instructions on how to assemble with a small selection of simple tools. Our pallets don’t need to be welded together, meaning they don’t need specialist tradespeople for assembly or repair jobs. Two able bodies, with a small tool kit and some cooperation is all it takes to put together the CEFRANK pallet.

12 Cylinder pallet


Universal Compressed Gas Equipment

At CEFRANK we’ve been developing our design over the years to create a product that is universal. When you stop and think about all the different rules and regulations, standards and laws that exist from region to region, let alone all over the world today, it’s astonishing to think that one product of such a specialised nature can possibly satisfy all the codes in all countries. It’s a big claim, and there are probably exceptions, but when it comes to road, transport, handling and safety requirements, our designs have been developed by CEFRANK founder Frank Cetinich to conform with the various standards across Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the middle east and Australia. Mr Cetinich has travelled extensively and has been troubleshooting with major gas companies for years when it comes to gas cylinder packs and pallets.

Mr Cetinich has given a unique kind of attention to the CEFRANK design. The kind of attention benefits from years of travel, experience, improvement on design flaws across a range of industry standards and most importantly passion for his work. Mr Cetinich has dedicated his life to his business and the development of a superior product that is cost effective to manufacture, transport and maintain. Regarded by peers and colleagues as a pioneer in the industry, Mr Cetinich has enjoyed the challenge of bringing his fresh approach and unique perspective to compressed gas cylinder equipment  and to a very closed and conservative niche industry.

Lately we’ve had a resurgence of interest in our slim-line range of gas cylinder packs and pallets. Designed to fit 17 x 12 cylinder bundles into a 20 foot container – which is 3 more than our regular design –  this design upholds all of the rigorous design and manufacturing standards as our regular bundle, but with a design that allows more bundles to fit into a container. This concept was designed by Mr Cetinich because he could foresee a time when resources became scarce and environmental impact became a major concern of the gas industry.


This range of slim-line bundles is perfectly in tune with the wider ethos of CEFRANK. Our mission is to offer a range of products that first of all is of the highest quality, but that doesn’t rely on old fashioned engineering attitudes and the out of date belief that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it“. We believe that the current standard of gas cylinder bundles in the field today are over-engineered, over weight and are costing not only the gas companies but the environment.

– Our gas cylinder bundle is lighter, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is cheaper to maintain.
– Our designs will conform with your current standards and we work with businesses to find the mostcost-effective solutions.
– Our prices are competitive as we have adopted a business model that saves significantly on overheads.
– We have global reach, reputation and experience.

So, what’s stopping you from getting in touch to find out if your business can benefit from our wisdom?

Get in touch at cetech(at)cefrank(dot)com

It’s happened quietly over the course of recent years, but in the compressed gas world, the headlines and discussions are focusing more and more on natural gases. A growing and more sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fuels, natural gas has become increasingly relevant in the compressed gases market because it is a product that can be used with existing equipment in many cases. Take CEFRANK for example, we have, for the longest time been focused on high pressure gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, acetylene, helium and argon, but in recent years we have noticed a growing interest in compressed natural gas or CNG. Liquid natural gas or LNG is also another phrase that’s been taking up headlines of late but for the smaller companies and end-users, LNG doesn’t really come into play. LNG is used mainly for transporting natural gas from where it’s sourced to where it can be processed and then distributed.

What is natural gas?

  • Natural gas is made up mostly of methane.
  • It is colourless, odourless and the second cleanest fuel next to hydrogen.
  • It is safer than petrol, propane or diesel because it is lighter than air and disperses quickly in the case of a spill or leak.
  • It is still a fossil fuel, and it still emits greenhouse gases when burnt, but the emissions are about half that of coal – so a much less damaging fuel alternative.
  • Natural gas is increasingly being used for powering vehicles like trucks and buses and even cars and is being embraced in the less wealthy countries of the world who can’t afford the rising costs of petrol.

What’s the difference between LNG and CNG?

LNG is more or less the same kind of fuel, but because it’s cooled, the gas shrinks – by 600 times –  and becomes liquid. This means you can store more of it, which means it can be transported more cost effectively, and less frequent filling is required. Sounds great, however, the down side of LNG is that it’s very expensive to store and move due to the conditions it needs to remain a liquid, which is cryogenic technology that keeps the product at a frosty -160C.

CNG, however is natural gas that’s been compressed and remains in its gaseous state. The benefits of CNG is that it can be compressed to 330bar working pressure, which is similar to most other compressed industrial and medical gases. The only major drawback of CNG is the space that’s needed to store it. Because it’s gaseous, it needs a bigger tank than LNG and this has been a hurdle to it’s wide-spread use in cars, which can’t always spare the room.

To read more about the differences and qualities of natural gas, visit The Carbon Brief Blog.


The great thing about CNG, is that it can be filled and distributed using CEFRANK’s existing compressed gas designs and product manufacture. CEFRANK is poised for the CNG revolution and welcomes inquiries for CNG equipment like gas cylinder bundles and cylinder pallets. Our CNG equipment can be applied to end users who need larger batteries of cylinders.

Our gas cylinder equipment range

CEFRANK has been in business for 30 years. What began as a trouble-shooting contracting solution, grew into a family business with a very specialised product – compressed gas bundles and pallets. But not just any kind of bundle or pallet, but a unique modular design that would and still confronts many in the industry because of its modular, bolted character. Frank Cetinich developed the exclusive bolted design after years of research and development, years of travel and investigation that allowed him to come up with a product that could offer true universality. CEFRANK products can be used all over the world. Our design complies with all standards and regulations. We offer a 10 year guarantee on parts and labour (not withstanding physical or chemical abuse) and on customer satisfaction.

We’ve discussed the benefits of the CEFRANK pack or bundle and we’ve looked at the advantages of our cylinder pallet. But today, let’s look at the Filling System. Another strategy developed by Frank Cetinich, the CEFRANK filling system embraces simplicity of design and ease of use. Using the Gravimetric Scale System, you can mix gases with a high level of accuracy and with our 2-spring design you can comfortably fill from 1 to 32 cylinders simultaneously with Argon, Nitrogen, Industrial Oxygen and Mixed Gases. When used in conjunction with our pallets you can significantly increase your gas filling rate. Because we build our system to ensure compatibility with your valves fittings, you can be assured that there will be no modification costs.

filling station

What you get with CEFRANK Filling System:

  • Steel construction painted to colour of your choice
  • Designed and tested at 60MPa, allowing filling pressure of up to 30MPa
  • Customised control panel
  • All valves and gauges are of DIN Standard
  • All parts fully degreased and cleaned internally to Oxygen Standard
  • Gas pipes and manifolds are of stainless steel construction
  • Filling instructions

To find out more, take a look at the presentation available for viewing on our website.

Welcome to the CEFRANK Blog

Welcome readers to the CEFRANK blog. CEFRANK is an independent company selling our own design of compressed gas equipment for oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen and various other special and medical gases. This blog will not only touch on industry news and issues, but we’ll also let you in on the personal life and pursuits of the Director Frank Cetinich. Mr Cetinich is involved in various projects all over the world from being President of the British Croatian Business Club to supporting the fine arts by sponsoring artists and musicians.

With this blog, we hope to shed some light on this complex and misunderstood niche sector of the industrial gas market by examining the many aspects that go into the design and development of the products that we all depend on. We will provide news about the industry, with a focus on the equipment side of things, technological advances of recent years and immediate future and also take a look at the products available. We might even take a step back in time and look into the history of the market and the politics that surround the development of the sector.

CEFRANK Changzhou

According to Jiangsu.net42 international industrial giants of the world top 500 corporations listed on the Fortune 500 have set their offices in Changzhou.” CEFRANK’s major manufacturing facility lies in the city of Changzhou, an affluent area on the Yangtze Delta region, just west of Shanghai.  Technical Director Mr Wangzhenglin is responsible for the manufacture, assembly, testing and sales of our compressed gas cylinder equipment that occurs at our Chinese site. Much like the rest of the country, Changzhou has developed very quickly in the last 20 years and is a very different city to the one we first experienced when we opened up our first site.

Frank Cetinich 2

Changzhou is one of thirteen prefectures in the Jiangsu province and is located in amongst the hub cities of Wuxi, Ningbo, Nanjing and Hangzhou surrounding Shanghai. Traditionally a city known as a national and provincial industrial centre, Changzhou is famed for its Four Pillar Industries, mechanical, electrical manufacture, automobile manufactures and textiles, later adding high-tech, electronic, biomedical and chemical industries.

The inhabitants of Changzhou are noted for their honesty and faithfulness and this has certainly been our experience since the beginning. Director Mr Wangzhenglin and many of our Changzhou staff have provided CEFRANK with loyal service and honest stewardship since we opened in 1995. Once purely a gas cylinder bundle and pallet manufacturing facility for CEFRANK’s western business operations, CEFRANK Changzhou has become a strong local competitor in its own right, providing gas cylinder bundles, manifolds and pallets to many major gas companies throughout the nation and beyond.

Supporting Schools

It might surprise our customers to know that our Director Frank Cetinich is not just an expert in gas cylinder equipment. He also has a talent for grilling meat, especially fish, that only a select few and privileged folk have experienced. Give him a pair of tongs and some fire and he can make magic happen. For the summer fair at a Berkshire junior school, CEFRANK UK kindly sponsored a Croatian food table for the International Food festival. Director Frank Cetinich wasn’t afraid roll up his sleeves to play chef for the day, assisting his wife and daughter as they made ćevapi rolls for the curious customers. The smell coming from the barbecue was tantalising as people stopped to ask what it was we were selling. With some lovely flatbread given to us at a fundraising-discount from the generous folks at Magaza, we filled them with the Croatian skinless, garlic sausage known as ćevapčići or simply ćevapi and some diced raw onion, topped with the ubiquitous ajvar, a red pepper relish, that frequents many Croatian tables.

We were a bit slow to start, but ended up selling out shortly after lunch with only a few bags of kifli and oblatne (a wafer slice) left. Frank was kept busy for a few hours on the barbecue, keeping an eye on row after row of ćevapi that the crowds waited for as they lined up. The stall was a wonderful success thanks to the help of the family and the generous support of CEFRANK UK.  The day was another example of how the CEFRANK family work well as a team always pulling together to get the job done.

croatian food