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Working Together

There’s nothing we love more at CEFRANK than working with our clients to solve a problem. Sometimes the problems are small or rather seem small and yet the solution will have a big impact in an every day sense on the people who use the equipment. And sometimes the problem can seem impossible to solve; when it comes to gas equipment there are factors that might seem extremely difficult to overcome or usage situations that need improvement but feel out of reach. But with team work, years of experience and creative thinking, CEFRANK will always find a solution. We have a very unique set of skills and experience, and this comes in handy for our clients who might not have such a specialised understanding of compressed gas equipment technology. But that’s the beauty of collaboration – everyone plays upon their strengths and works together to overcome a problem.

Cefrank gas cylinder manifold

We recently had a customer come to us with a niggling issue they had encountered with one of our bundles. The size of the particular component meant that access was becoming an issue and so we worked with the customer to re-design the component to suit their changing needs. However, a small change, as we all know, can sometimes lead to a big cost and we’re mindful of this in the increasingly competitive marketplace. We strive to maintain the excellent relationships we have with our customers, so you can rest assured that our problem-solving savvy will always consider the cost of implementing and maintaining the change.

When it comes to big problems. Well, we can handle that too. We’ve designed bespoke solutions for a variety of customers over the years. Often times in businesses who provide a commercial and retail outlet, behind-the-scenes issues and development can become a burden because it’s not the area of expertise for that particular company. That’s why outsourcing can be the ideal way of turning one company’s burden into another company’s challenge. We love a challenge at CEFRANK. Big or small, the more impossible it seems the more we love the opportunity to succeed.