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CEFRANK Relocates to the UK

In 2012 the family-based team at CEFRANK Engineering relocated their HQ from the sunny shores of Sydney to the global hub of Britain. We used this opportunity to further establish and strengthen our European presence.  Aside from the perks like keeping the same time zone as many of our customers, we are enjoying a geographical closeness that allows us to personally visit existing and potential clients and their sites.

Our Director Frank Cetinich has been able to keep a closer eye on our Croatian operations as well as using our new globally central location to visit interested parties in France, Austria and more recently Turkey. Our business has remained as strong as ever throughout the move and the GFC-induced recession.  While England might be creeping out of darker economic days, our Australian dealings with major gas suppliers, large mining companies and supplying the core equipment for emerging independent players has provided a stable base for us to explore our continental opportunities.

We have noticed a marked interest in the features that make our equipment different. Our light-weight, streamlined designs have caught the eye of clients who want to consolidate their equipment across their range of gases and move on from the bulky, overweight skids and packs.

The team is adapting nicely to British life, enjoying the cultural sites and beautiful landscape. We made the transition official by launching our new company name CEFRANK UK and making our first sale in pound stirling earlier this year. With our sight set on getting our Chinese site certified and developing a new CNG line, we have confidence that 2013 will prove to be an exciting year.