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CEFRANK: Challenging the Status Quo

It’s all too easy to dismiss the impact that industry and transport has on the world. However, many businesses, like ours, are finding ways to reduce our share of this impact. By minimising the bulk that is being moved about and shipped and driven and flown all over the world, companies like CEFRANK are enjoying the bounties of smart design and manufacturing practices. And it’s not only the producer who benefits, it’s the customer and the environment.
CEFRANK Gas Cylinder Equipment

Part of CEFRANK’s design ethos is to strive for simplicity. We reduce and refine when it improves on existing technology and when it means we can make our product with less materials, less weight and less bulk. Sure, this means it costs us less to produce, but it also means less volume is produced. Less volume means less space required in the container or on the truck and it means less weight on the road which equals lower costs –  both to the customer and to the environment.

Einstein said that “if we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got”. This is a painful truism when it comes to engineering and industry. The equipment used for compressed gases remains to this day over-engineered, over-weight and over-bearing. People are afraid to embrace the changes that companies like CEFRANK make. While this is partly forgivable when you consider that most of the time, compressed gas equipment is the result of in-house departments reactive engineering, it also means that the equipment that has proliferated and continues to populate the field is not the best it can be. CEFRANK is different because we aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. We aren’t afraid because our equipment is the result of intense research, innovative thinking and proactive engineering. Our cylinder bundles and pallets are designed with the confidence that we are improving on the existing conventions.

By designing and manufacturing equipment that is lighter than the standard, accepted models, we are effectively reducing our impact and our customer’s impact on the environment. CEFRANK bundles are up to 50% lighter than other brands in the field. Our flat-pack modular frames ship makes our bundles and pallets up to 80% cheaper to ship to our customer. Let that information sink in as you watch the numbers in the global transport graphic ticking away.

The best part about seeking out alternatives and changing our attitudes towards the way things have always been done, is that the results not only benefit business bottom lines, they benefit everyone.