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Supporting Sculptor Marijan Bekic


In 2007 Australian-Croatian sculptor and member of the The Sculptor’s Society Marijan Bekic was commissioned to create a sculpture for the small south Australian farming town of Wudinna. Originally proposed back in 1992, the sculpture was intended to be a community memorial to the early settlers of the region. The project was sponsored and financed by the local community. However, due to the drought and the subsequent cut-backs to arts funding, the project was delayed several times before it finally, and sadly got cancelled.

Thanks to a small group of locals however, the project was started up again, but yet again, because of the drought, the future of the project was jeopardised. At this point Marijan enlisted the help of the Croatian community and was shocked at the level of support he received, eventually raising $20,000 towards the project.


Frank Cetinich, director of CEFRANK UK Ltd is proud to be one of those contributors. Thanks to his and many others’ generous donations and after two years of hard work, The Australian Farmer sculpture was finally realised. To honour the generosity of the many private citizens who invested in this project, Marijan constructed a granite wall around the sculpture that contains the names of the people who contributed.

The Australian Farmer (also known as the Big Farmer) is a statue located in Wudinna, South Australia. Regarded as one of Australia’s Big Things, the granite sculpture stands at 8 metres (26 ft) in height, and weighs in the vicinity of 70 tonnes. It took 17 years to produce from initial proposal to the final unveiling in 2009, and two years for the artist, Marijan Bekic (with the assistance of his son, David), to carve. The stylised work of a farmer represents the early settlers of the region, with carvings symbolising grain and sheep found within the sculpture. While it takes a basic human form, the top represents the sun, while in the body are carved grain crops. Sheep are placed at the foot of the statue, representing the sheep farmers in the district as well as creating the feet of the figure when viewed from a distance.






World Peace Gong

For many years, CEFRANK founder Mr Frank Cetinich has been involved in the World Peace Gong Committee. He has campaigned to get a World Peace Gong installed in the war-torn town of Vukovar. As the digital publication 1klik.hr reported (translated), “Indonesian Ambassador to Croatia Agus Sardjana this year in Vukovar will be a monument to World Peace Gong . Sardjan is announced during today’s visit Vukovar when he pointed out that Vukovar proper place for such a monumental and distinctive monument works of unfortunate events and recent wartime past.” Symbolising peace, love and the future, the WPG has been installed in only 18 locations across the world in memory of the innocent victims of war. The original WPG was cast in Jepara, Indonesia as a monument to peace, tolerance and cooperation among nations before being taken around the world.

WPC President Djuyoto Suntani came up with the idea to make WPG duplicates that are to be erected permanently in various notable locations around the world. The first duplicate of this WPG as the noble symbol of unity was first set up permanently in Penglai-Shandong-China. On August 20th 2004, the R.O.C government in cooperation with United Nation’s UNESCO officials inaugurated the Grand Monument of World Peace Gong in the beautiful city park of Penglai, across the legendary 8 Perpetual Gods Statue, by the Yellow River. Thousands of world prominent figures were present at the inauguration ceremony.” WPG


The flags represent each independent country with the white flower on the inner circle meaning “beauty, prosperity and harmony. Their positions on the left and right ends of each inscription translate to balance in the unity.”  The very inner circle contains the symbols of all the major world religions (Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Sikhism, Shinto, and Bali-Hinduism) and the planet Earth in the centre is to remind us that we’re all born from the same descendants, walk the same earth and breath the same air.  “As one enormous family it is imperative that we all should live side by side peacefully, respectfully, helpful to each other and cooperatively in order to sustain and care for mother earth.” 

With a message of peace and harmony despite differences of faith and culture, Mr Frank Cetinich supports the WPG as a gesture of faith in the human spirit and the dream of unity. He looks forward to the gong coming to Vukovar and believes it will serve as a symbol of moving forward and hopes for a peaceful future for Croatia.