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The Economics of Gas Cylinder Bundles

“By utilising a bolted, galvanised steel frame, UK-based Cefrank can create a frame capable of protecting the cylinders while also weighing much less than alternatives. The company’s modular, bolted design allows for bundles to be transported and stored much more efficiently.” CEFRANK features in the June issue of Gasworld. Gasworld correspondent Anthony Wright took a broad view of the economic and environmental savings of the humble gas bundle, and spoke a number of specialists in the field including our own Logistics Manager Justin Cetinich. 

You might not have known that reducing our carbon footprint has been a priority for us for many years. It makes sense not only environmentally, but econommically to reduce waste and choose smart materials. “Galvanising uses zinc to coat steel structures. The highly recyclable nature of zinc contributes to a relatively circular economy. Around 30% of the world’s zinc supply comes from recycled zinc, and about 80% of the zinc available for recycling is recycled. The lifespan of zinc products can see products lasting maintenance-free for over 100 years, with a considerable amount of zinc produced in the past still in active use.”

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