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Universal Compressed Gas Equipment

At CEFRANK we’ve been developing our design over the years to create a product that is universal. When you stop and think about all the different rules and regulations, standards and laws that exist from region to region, let alone all over the world today, it’s astonishing to think that one product of such a specialised nature can possibly satisfy all the codes in all countries. It’s a big claim, and there are probably exceptions, but when it comes to road, transport, handling and safety requirements, our designs have been developed by CEFRANK founder Frank Cetinich to conform with the various standards across Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the middle east and Australia. Mr Cetinich has travelled extensively and has been troubleshooting with major gas companies for years when it comes to gas cylinder packs and pallets.

Mr Cetinich has given a unique kind of attention to the CEFRANK design. The kind of attention benefits from years of travel, experience, improvement on design flaws across a range of industry standards and most importantly passion for his work. Mr Cetinich has dedicated his life to his business and the development of a superior product that is cost effective to manufacture, transport and maintain. Regarded by peers and colleagues as a pioneer in the industry, Mr Cetinich has enjoyed the challenge of bringing his fresh approach and unique perspective to compressed gas cylinder equipment  and to a very closed and conservative niche industry.

Lately we’ve had a resurgence of interest in our slim-line range of gas cylinder packs and pallets. Designed to fit 17 x 12 cylinder bundles into a 20 foot container – which is 3 more than our regular design –  this design upholds all of the rigorous design and manufacturing standards as our regular bundle, but with a design that allows more bundles to fit into a container. This concept was designed by Mr Cetinich because he could foresee a time when resources became scarce and environmental impact became a major concern of the gas industry.


This range of slim-line bundles is perfectly in tune with the wider ethos of CEFRANK. Our mission is to offer a range of products that first of all is of the highest quality, but that doesn’t rely on old fashioned engineering attitudes and the out of date belief that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it“. We believe that the current standard of gas cylinder bundles in the field today are over-engineered, over weight and are costing not only the gas companies but the environment.

– Our gas cylinder bundle is lighter, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is cheaper to maintain.
– Our designs will conform with your current standards and we work with businesses to find the mostcost-effective solutions.
– Our prices are competitive as we have adopted a business model that saves significantly on overheads.
– We have global reach, reputation and experience.

So, what’s stopping you from getting in touch to find out if your business can benefit from our wisdom?

Get in touch at cetech(at)cefrank(dot)com

Life Cycle Calculator

Environmental accountability is becoming an essential facet of every business. Huge corporations in every industry and across every trade are trying to find ways to reduce waste, reduce carbon footprint, reduce paper usage, reduce water usage, reduce handling, reduce environmental impact and the list goes on.CEFRANK is no different, we are also constantly trying to reduce our own carbon footprint.

The International Organisation for Standardisation even joined the party back in 1996 by introducing the ISO 14000 series. This new, voluntary standard was designed to help companies develop and comply with environmental management systems and later other standards and guidelines that would address specific environmental aspects, including: labeling, performance evaluation, life cycle analysis, communication and auditing.

Not only has environmental awareness and eco-friendly business practice become good for the planet, it has become good for business. Many companies market their product and brand on the premise that they are eco-friendly. However, many business also choose not to broadcast this side of their business. For example, many companies have recycling programmes where consumers can return goods at the end of the product’s life, or systems where superseded products and ranges are being recycled or upcycled to form new products. This sort of practice is used by manufacturers of anything from shoes to mobile phones to photo copiers and of course down to valuable raw materials. A new economy is forming in the face of environmental accountability.

This is of course great news. The fact that business can benefit is a valuable byproduct of general environmental philosophy, and of course a necessary one. It’s a win win for business and consumer and the planet.We are fortunate that we’re able to boast that our range is in fact very eco-friendly. Almost 100% recyclable, our bolted gas equipment range of manifolded cylinder packs and cylinder pallets are made up of galvanized steel, brass and stainless steel. The very generous 1% we allow for non-recyclables, accounts for any incidental plastics or synthetics that might be used in components (like locknuts or ratchet belts for example).

Another feature of our product is that the modular design allows for handling and transport that can reduce costs by up to 80%. The reduction in cost is due the reduction in space needed to store and ship and the human and fuel based energy needed to move it. From the manufacture right down to the transport of the final product our modular range can ship 75% more effectively than traditional welded designs. For example:

What’s more, we encourage our customers to assemble the product on their premises or the premises of the cylinder supplier or end user to reduce the amount of handling, as seen in this diagram.

While the environmental benefits are a wonderful aspect of CEFRANK gas equipment, and our product life-cycle has little impact,  it is not our main selling point. That particular honour goes to the simplicity and strength of design, which can be explored a little more closely on our website. Reducing carbon footprint is something everyone should be interested in industrially, commercially and personally. To find out how your business or lifestyle, product or range measures up, why not visit one of many free online life cycle calculators.

Here’s a good one, LCA Calculator .

CEFRANK measured up nicely, and the LCA calculator revealed the biggest area of impact for us was the transport. We’re doing everything we can to reduce the cost of transporting our product. This task, as with many environmental endeavours, not only benefits the environment, it also means big savings for our clients.