Universal Compressed Gas Equipment

At CEFRANK we’ve been developing our design over the years to create a product that is universal. When you stop and think about all the different rules and regulations, standards and laws that exist from region to region, let alone all over the world today, it’s astonishing to think that one product of such a specialised nature can possibly satisfy all the codes in all countries. It’s a big claim, and there are probably exceptions, but when it comes to road, transport, handling and safety requirements, our designs have been developed by CEFRANK founder Frank Cetinich to conform with the various standards across Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the middle east and Australia. Mr Cetinich has travelled extensively and has been troubleshooting with major gas companies for years when it comes to gas cylinder packs and pallets.

Mr Cetinich has given a unique kind of attention to the CEFRANK design. The kind of attention benefits from years of travel, experience, improvement on design flaws across a range of industry standards and most importantly passion for his work. Mr Cetinich has dedicated his life to his business and the development of a superior product that is cost effective to manufacture, transport and maintain. Regarded by peers and colleagues as a pioneer in the industry, Mr Cetinich has enjoyed the challenge of bringing his fresh approach and unique perspective to compressed gas cylinder equipment  and to a very closed and conservative niche industry.

Lately we’ve had a resurgence of interest in our slim-line range of gas cylinder packs and pallets. Designed to fit 17 x 12 cylinder bundles into a 20 foot container – which is 3 more than our regular design –  this design upholds all of the rigorous design and manufacturing standards as our regular bundle, but with a design that allows more bundles to fit into a container. This concept was designed by Mr Cetinich because he could foresee a time when resources became scarce and environmental impact became a major concern of the gas industry.


This range of slim-line bundles is perfectly in tune with the wider ethos of CEFRANK. Our mission is to offer a range of products that first of all is of the highest quality, but that doesn’t rely on old fashioned engineering attitudes and the out of date belief that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it“. We believe that the current standard of gas cylinder bundles in the field today are over-engineered, over weight and are costing not only the gas companies but the environment.

– Our gas cylinder bundle is lighter, has a smaller carbon footprint, and is cheaper to maintain.
– Our designs will conform with your current standards and we work with businesses to find the mostcost-effective solutions.
– Our prices are competitive as we have adopted a business model that saves significantly on overheads.
– We have global reach, reputation and experience.

So, what’s stopping you from getting in touch to find out if your business can benefit from our wisdom?

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