World Peace Gong Opened in Vukovar

On September 21, 2019 the World Peace Gong was opened with a ceremony in Vukovar Memorial Park with officials from around Croatia and from the Indonesian organisation. In attendence were the Mayor of Vukovar Ivan Penava, Bozo Galic dipl.ing , Zvonko Milas, Tomislav Donlic, President of WPGong Djuyoto Suntani and his delegation of four, along with sponsors Franko & Michelle Cetinich who were accompanied by Ante & Divna Sardelic, Jerko Andrijic, Ante Separovic, Perica Bacic and Tonci Padovan.

Surrounded by an oxidised metal installation by Croatian artist and sculptor Ante Sardelic, the Vukovar Gong is one of many around the world and is a symbol of healing in a place that has experienced violent trauma.

The original World Peace Gong was cast in Jepara, Indonesia, before being taken around the world, and now several gongs have been made and are on permanent display in countries including Ukraine, China, Mozambique, India, Laos, Colombia and now Croatia.

CEFRANK Director Franko Cetinich was instrumental in bringing the WPGong to Vukovar and facilitating Sardelic’s sculptural accompaniment which has been many years in the making.