Cakes from beets with cheese and herring

This diner dish of beets and herring looks very impressive, and is prepared quite quickly. Beetroot cakes can be served with mayonnaise or garlic sauce to the banquet table.
Instead of herring, you can add some other little salted or smoked fish to the beets in cakes, the appetizer in this case will turn out to be the same tasty and spectacular.
- fillet of a low -salt herring (230 g);
- thick sour cream (190 g);
- Borodinsky bread (180 g);
- chilled fat cream (160 ml);
- Boiled beets (180 g);
- freshly squeezed lemon juice (25 ml);
- salt (to taste);
- goat cheese is soft (70 g);
- freshly squeezed orange juice (60 ml);
- granular gelatin (25 g);
- grated zest orange (15 g);
- freshly ground black pepper (3 g);
- cream cheese (150 g);
- green onion of chopped (40 g);
- drinking water (70 ml);
- Fresh dill branches (8 pcs.).
Cooking process:
Pour gelatin with drinking water and mix, leave for swelling under the lid for about 10 minutes, then the gelatin mixture must be heated in a water bath.
Send all the cheese to a large bowl, add orange juice and slightly beat the components, then rinse the dill and remove the twigs, then grind the greens and pour into the same dishes.
Pour in lemon juice and add sour cream, continue the process of whipping the components for another 6 minutes, send zest to the same dishes. Clean and finely chop the beets, shift into a bowl, pour a little salt, beat the components for several minutes, then enter the melted gelatin with a thin stream and continue the whipping process.
Separately, to beat the cream to soft peaks, send them to the rest of the components, thoroughly mix the beetroot-saturated mass with a culinary spatula.
Now you need to cut Borodinsky bread with slices and, using a small shape in the form of a ring, cut circles from it.
Cover the parchment with a small tray and put the serving molds-rings on it, lay out bread circles in them, distribute the beet-piercing mass on top, and smooth it.
Cover the tray with molds with cling film and remove it for about 6 hours in the refrigerator, then cut the herring fillet with small cubes.
Gently remove the molds and shift the beetroot cakes with cheese on the dish, put her pieces of herring on top, decorate the cold appetizer with green onions and immediately serve it to the banquet table.
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